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Gas and Oil Marketing
Roan Energy will take you through a successful Request For Proposal (RFP) process.  From analyzing market opportunities to identifying potential purchasers/markets, we will prepare the RFP, evaluate the submitted proposals, and advise you on the pros and cons of each potential counterparty, allowing you to make a well informed decision when choosing your purchaser or service provider.  Once a purchaser/provider has been identified, Roan Energy acts as your agent and advisor in structuring the transaction and completing the contract negotiation.  You are the decision maker.  We are the vital link between production and the marketplace. Our process is designed to achieve the best contract terms and price netback to you as possible.

Contract Negotiation and Administration
Roan Energy will  negotiate the business terms of purchase, sales, gathering and processing arrangements on your behalf.  Once the arrangement is in place, we will administer the terms of the contract.  We will also review your existing contracts to ensure compliance.

Producer and End User Services
Roan Energy assists you in moving your production from the wellhead to the point of sale.  We  manage your downstream transportation, gathering and processing arrangements to facilitate contract compliance and delivery of your production.  Roan Energy offers market intelligence and pricing trends.

Roan Energy will nominate your natural gas under your gas gathering and transportation arrangements.   We monitor your production activity and pipeline balances and work to resolve allocation issues between the producer, pipeline and market.  We coordinate the initial crude oil trucking set up between your field personnel and the truck dispatch. Roan Energy provides customized management reports to keep you informed of the disposition of your natural gas, natural gas liquids and crude oil.

Invoicing and Auditing
Roan Energy will develop invoices for our customers based upon monthly scheduled activity. We review third party gathering, pipeline, purchase/sales invoices and statements. Roan Energy will audit your current contracts, invoices and statements to verify counterparties are performing as required.  Often, we are able to uncover hidden fees and unnecessary charges.

Roan Energy's offerings are not limited to those described above.  As your agent, Roan is committed to acting in your best interest.  We keep you informed of our activities as you are the ultimate decision maker. We strive to provide excellent customer service and individual attention at a reasonable cost.  As your service provider and consultant, Roan works for you.